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Best Nudes of the Week Oct. 24

Best Set Cover and Model of the Week

Sunna ancient amourangels.com coverI admit that I spoke too soon last week while writing about the addition of Show Beauty to The Nude Arts and the Internet at large.  I predicted that Show Beauty, the new nude art site by the producers of Amour Angels, will probably be more of the same: what you expect from Amour Angels and popular Internet nude art, in general.  I was wrong.

While this may be true, technically speaking, in that the photography of Amour Angels and Show Beauty conforms with the accepted standards of nude art on the Internet, model selection, composition, and creativity is taken to another level, especially with this set of Sunna, called Ancient.  I hope we do see more of the same if it looks anything like this.

Of course, Sunna’s talent makes the image work.  She looks great on Met Art as Milena D.  Meanwhile, there is something particularly special about her pictures on Amour Angels.  Credit must be given to the creative shoot concepts which complement her talent, give her the opportunity to be an artist as well as a subject, and make her stand out.  The same can in fact be said for her work with Erik Latika on Met Art.

Often, the best nude images are created by an allusion to nudity.  The model’s naked allure comes from what she wears and not from the fact that she’s completely nude.  Nude art photography is not as literal an art form as it sounds.  Met Art understands this well, however, their style relies too heavily on the use of lingerie and stockings. The lack of diversity in dress creates a collection of nearly indistinguishable sets.  Photographers must compromise their style and ideas in order to contribute to Met Art, unless of course they’re shooting a model with the immense appeal of Sunna, and so you we’ve seen some weird, wonderful sets of her.

I don’t mean to imply that every shoot has to be based on fantasy or narrative.  I do believe, though, that Met photographers should incorporate more modern intimate attire into their work, undergarments more suited to young women of this day in age instead of the stockings and garter belts of decades past.  This set of Sunna is a wonderful break from the norm.  By placing her in a narrative rather than a typical setting designed to arouse sexually, and decreasing the focus on Sunna’s sex, the image becomes more erotic and sexy.  The imagination is free to expand on the idea of the little, tan, ancient, road warrior, covered in pelts and feathers.

Her young body is warmed by the flames of a campfire.  Her only companion on the desolate steppe is her horse, her confidant and protector on her erotic adventures.  The eye contact Sunna makes with the animal is fantastic.  There is intensity and  drama in her gaze.  As the sun sets on the plain, you’re left wondering where this girl is going, who will she meet along the way, and what sexy adventures are to come.  Sunna successfully creates a character which is a rare feat for most popular models.  Sunna becomes Ancient.  She is not just Sunna and this isn’t just another set of Sunna.  I’d like to see more models be encouraged to do the same, and be given the chance to break character, so to speak, and become a picture of someone other than themselves.

Best Breasts of the Week

To simply honor Cosmid for the great update of  their selection of busty girls next door models would be very easy.  In an effort to demonstrate that the biggest breasts aren’t necessarily the best breasts, every single week, the honor of best breasts goes to Maria on ZemaniBronce is not the best set of the bunch released by Zemani, this week.  Maria is not the most gorgeous model you’re going to find on Zemani.  All of that aside, Maria exudes confidence, and in the case of this set, effort.  The effort that she puts into posing, reads, and it reads very well.  Usually, a model’s effort, the real work she does on set, in front of the camera, for the photographer, should be seamlessly integrated into the image, and should not be visible in the published pictures.

Good modeling is like playing the piano.  There’s rhythm, a tempo to which the player must adhere.  The tempo changes; the dynamics change.  While the pianist reads the technical instructions ascribed by the composer, she interprets the piece, sensing the feeling and mood behind the notes, thereby adding her artistry to the music.  Each key isn’t struck one by one in succession until there are no more notes to play.  The same is true of modeling.  At a shoot, a model doesn’t do pose #1, pose #2, and so on, till the camera’s memory card is full.  Models must be as fluid and full of motion as the camera and photographer.  There are transitions.  A model must move continuously and be ready for instruction at all times. Sets are edited for this very reason.  Every picture taken isn’t perfect.  Models are not ready every time the shutter snaps.

Maria Zemani.com Bronce puffy nipples

A model’s own sexuality often prevents her from being comfortable while nude, being fluid and dynamic at the same time she portrays an image of sexy.  What’s great about Maria in these pictures is being able to read her facial expressions as she searches for the right formula: the perfect mixture of what she believes is pretty and tasteful, what the photographer is asking of her, and balancing that with what the end customer is going to think of her.

Best Legs of the Week

Dione clubseventeen.comThe last week of October has actually been pretty good for sexy legs.  I’m choosing these pictures from Club Seventeen just because they are fun, sexy, and devoid of the drama and artistic perspective found in most of the pictures that are honored. The sex and erotic component is in your face.

The model, called Dione, is smiling, doing everything for the lens, and she’s jamming a remarkably long dildo into herself, between two magnificently splayed limbs.  The braids or extensions, whichever, give her an edgy appearance that enhances her common looks.  Whether or not the wet spot on the crotch of her underwear is real, it’s a nice touch.

Club Seventeen Dione wet white cotton panties

There are a lot of things about these pictures I don’t like, from the the nail polish to her not removing her socks at some point.  Still, I can discount all of that just because the pictures are straightforward and accomplish what they were taken to accomplish. The honorable mentions for best legs come from Amour Angels.  Both sets exemplify what I wrote in the first section of this post about the high quality model selection of Amour Angels.


Alexa amourangels.com split Michaela amourangels.com

Alexa and Michaela, respectively, might have better extension than Dione, but the sets are as frivolous.  At the same time, they lack narrative and drama, which is to be expected from a studio that Michaela’s in.  More could have been done with Alexa’s set, though.

Best Butt of the Week

Nicole Rider nude model bubble buttThis set from Karups Hometown Amateurs is a late entry but impressive all the same.  Also, I don’t think I’ve ever done a week-in-review that had all categories represented.  Nicole Rider isn’t a stretch either.  I can clearly see signs of bubble butt activity here, and that always makes a model, in nude art specifically, worthy of attention.

Also, I’d like to again bring up the issue of Karups using the wrong pictures for it’s preview galleries.  In addition to having a fantastic, fleshy rear end, Nicole also appears to have some flexibility and skill posing her legs, as evidenced by this image:

Nicole Rider sexy legs karupshometownamateurs.com







My question is that if there is a pull-out shot of this same image, meaning that there is a picture that shows her entire body, why not use it instead of the tight, cropped shot?