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Nudes from Tumblr Vol. 24

paleolithic venus statue figurine and porn star kiki kakuchi comparison
I guess there isn't any doubt whether or not a caveman would have worshipped or at least lusted after Kiki Kakuchi

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Nudes from Tumblr vol. 20

You have no idea how much trouble getting this Tumblr update published has been. I would have published it yesterday if Imagevenue hadn’t been having problems with its upload interface.  I uploaded the 500+ pictures… twice, before I realized the problem wasn’t me but the site, which was hanging and not completing uploads.  I figured I’d do it in the morning once they had their stuff together.  So, this morning, I upload it for a third time.  I had it ready to publish when I kicked my laptop’s plug out of the socket, without having saved my text document with the pictures codes.  I had to upload the entire set a forth time.  As I’m writing this, my piece of crap laptop (that doesn’t have enough memory to run Firefox properly) is not responding, and making writing this post a pain.

Anyway, there are lots of great pictures in this collection.  Last week is terribly hard to top in terms of variety and quality.  There are many memorable images, all the same.  Also, check out the sidebar, as I’ve added two new links.

Lara Stone tumblr.com nude art

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