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Rachelle Wilde Body in Mind

Rachelle Wilde 'Waking Dream' bodyinmind.com cover

Rachelle Wilde is back this week after a very lackluster site update from Body in Mind
last week which wasn’t even worth mentioning except for one picture of Peta Todd
behind the scenes which was sexy, not for its nudity but for showing her in a very
casual light. The image reminded me that she’s a young woman, and beneath all the styling,
passed her naked figure, she’s just a person, and kind of looked like a Tom Boy.

This week’s update is better with Rachelle. Again, I have a bit of an issue
with her front. Something about her face reads a little old and hard when she looks
directly into the lens. I know a model cannot make a living doing profiles alone,
so I don’t know what the solution to this issue could be. Perhaps if the stylist
toned down the make up a bit. That could be the problem. I see some eye shadow,
there must be some foundation, somebody could just be doing it wrong. I don’t know.
Also, the hair styling, the crimping, I’m not a fan, and it may have something to do
with the impression she makes overall. Her body, is off the charts. Too bad, this
gallery doesn’t really show it off like the Blue Nudes gallery did, but what are you
going to do? I just think an effort should be made to soften her face and shoot her
without styled hair.

Rachelle Wilde bodyinmind.com

The photography is more than competent: the white balance is spot on, exaggerated
to a nice effect, though the set itself and the images feel cramped and needing
space to stretch.

Cat Impromptu

Cat 'Impromptu' bodyinmind.com cover

This second set, feels like who turned off the lights? compared to the previous.
Cat, from what I can see is not a remarkable beauty or even a remarkable model. Looking
at her other sets on the site leads me to believe something totally different. I don’t
know if this shoot is all waist up, but to deny us the entirety of Cat, even in just the
preview is useless when she has a figure worth looking at.

What reads about her in this set is charisma and enthusiasm to pose nude, which, depending
on the goals of a shoot, can be the more important and valuable than fantastic poses and,
well beauty with regard to nude models is relative, so throw that one out the window.
Reading the site’s description of the shoot, it seems she’s a bit goofy, as the last picture
of the gallery confirms. I don’t know if that has any appeal to anyone, as the image
is rather dreadful and unflattering.

Anyway, what draws me to this set is the contrast of her complexion to the dark
dark blue, I guess it’s sapphire, background and dress she plays with. I love
the dress as an accessory, and that it comes off. From a distance it almost appears
Grecian, the way it falls on her her body. More than all of that, yes, it’s
coming back to the nipples.

Cat bodyinmind.com

I guess this must be nipple week around here, because she has a pair worth commenting on.
They’re not puffy, but they have texture and remind me of Laeticia I wrote about
a few days ago. Clearly, they aren’t on Laeticia’s level, but unusual for sure.

Peta Todd Nightgown

Peta Todd 'White Nightgown' bodyinmind.com cover
I don’t care for lingerie too much, I don’t even know if you can consider this
a lingerie set. Still, Peta looks like a mistress of one of those special
occasions, downright adulterous. I think it takes an actual milf to look
that way, like a woman has to be a woman in all senses to have the air of
affair about her.

As simple as the images appear, background knockouts is a learned
technique that is more than placing a model before a white background.
Typically used for commercial photography, in this case it’s employed
to intensify the sheerness of the gown and absorb the soft lights on Peta.
The lighting of the background is as important as the lighting of the model.

Once a main light source has be set up, something soft and diffused, preferably
using a soft box, you set up the lighting for the background, because no matter
what color the background is in reality, it has to read white to the camera.
If the background is white to begin with, merely add more light. It is best
to use lighting on both sides, as using it on one side alone will create a
gradient effect, going from white to gray at the angle of the placement of
the source of light. A source of light from above the model will fill in
the rest of the shadows and add detail to her hair.

The resulting images will be similar to what we have with Peta, that is if
you have a milf model has hot as enticing as Peta Todd.

Rachelle Blue Nudes

Rachelle Wilde 'Blue Nudes' bodyinmind.com cover
Yesterday, I wrote a bit about models with natural breasts which appear
surgically enhanced. Rachelle Wilde is a new contender. Like Femjoy,
Body in Mind is a strong proponent of natural beauty, so I would
never claim one of the models on their site is enhanced. Yet, looking at
Rachelle, you can see how easy it is to assume incorrectly.

Her breasts are extremely firm and round, and though they are asymmetrical,
as they should be, it’s hard to tell they are from certain angles.
The easiest way to settle this, I guess you’d call it a discrepancy is to
remember, implants are on porn sites, natural wonders are on big breast sites
and nude art sites.

Anyway, there so much to admire about Rachelle, one needn’t fixate on her
chest, as easy as that is to do. She has great hips, trim thighs, pretty
legs. She’s very hippy in fact. 20 more pounds and you’d really
see an hourglass figure. I find her face peculiar, as she looks like
different people from the front and in profile. Lots, of people are
like that, but in her case it’s very distinct. She’s softer and more
feminine in profile. Facing front, I see attitude. She has disdain
for the lens, the person behind it, and by extension the viewer.
That’s not an emotion a photographer can direct a model to exude.