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More great new Zemani nudes

I don’t know what’s going on with Zemani but it’s really throwing its hat in the ring with multiple emails a week. This makes two in a week, and what can you do? If the pictures are interesting you want to write about them.  First off, we have the two sexy twins Marla and Carla who I first noticed way back in 2007 on Hegre Art.  They are aka alias Polya and Yulia on Hegre-Art.com but I’ll be damned if I can tell which one is which.  Thankfully, Zemani did the right thing and used them similarly, that is in a simple fashion, light on the make up and light on the incestuous, homosexual overtones.  It’s sort of interesting to imagine two sisters having sex with each other, I guess, but twins, I don’t know.

Animal instinct, your sexual logic indicates there should be no difference, and regardless if it’s sexy or not, twin girls should be fooling around all the time.  Then, there’s the reality of the fact that despite their similar appearances, they are two different people and function like normal sisters most of the time, and it is incest when all is said and done.  It’s obvious though, reading their body language, while they’re comfortable touching and working with each other, there’s nothing between them sexually.  They know what their closeness implies, however, and indulges the fantasies of the viewers.

Then there is Dosia, the slender, perky, big breasts,braided wonder.  For some reason, this hairstyle really appeals to me, regardless of race.  I say that because tight braids are especially popular with girls of African descent, and I prefer them with their hair in this fashion.  Still, any woman with braids like these, corn rows, I guess you could call them, is sexy.  It doesn’t hurt that she has an extremely fit physique, either.  So, you have  a European girl with corn row braids, which don’t appear to be extensions.  That’s another thing: Girls who try to achieve this look with extensions need not bother.  Grow the hair; get the braids.  Don’t fake it with braid extensions, unless you’re doing it for a paid shoot.  Young women need to know that extensions are like wigs, and young women should not wear wigs under any circumstances, unless of course you’ve come to our time from the 17th century by way of some sort of time machine or rift in the fabric of the space time continuum, a wrinkle in time, so to speak.

Carla and Marla sexy twin sisters

Marla and Carla 'Sexy Twin Sisters' zemani.com cover

Dosia field of dreams

Dosia 'Field of Dreams' zemani.com cover
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