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Teen Model Olga W.

'Presenting Olga' metmodels.com cover

Seems like there was a time when there were many more models on Met Art and Met Models who looked like Olga W., here.  To be fair to other models, Olga’s appeal has nothing to do with any apparent talent or skill for modeling or posing.  To photograph her for publication is to appease the consumer for nudes of models with young characteristics.  If you look very close, she  doesn’t really appear to be extremely young.  However, that all depends on your state of mind when you’re looking.

Olga W. reminds me of Lisa B. whose pictures were published a few years ago.  The major difference between them is that Lisa had an aptitude for posing and being a model, if only rudimentary, which served to complement her general cuteness which naturally strengthened the impact of the first impression she made.  While retaining the air of innocence, the most appealing quality possessed by both models, equally, Lisa also has a mature and deliberate quality that combined with the innocence makes her images superior.  Artistically, innocence is best respresented alongside a representation of the awareness that accompanies maturity.

Teen nudes on sites like Nubiles.net are usually executed oppositely.  Models are portrayed as innocent while simultaneously wallowing in the foolishness and ignorance of youth.  This is the fantasy for some reason.  The reality is that most young people are probably more sexualized than ever, and at a young age too.  Still, models are often compelled to wear plaid skirts, their hair in pigtails, and knee socks, to promote the illusion of sexual naivite.  Perhaps there is more to it.  Maybe the ignorant youth represents the facade which hides the true nature of the knowledge of sex.

What is underwhelming about this set of Olga W. is that it looks like she has no plan or idea of what to do in front of the camera except be a virtual charicture of herself.  She couldn’t actually be as stiff and wooden as she looks in some of these pictures.

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