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Best Nudes of the Week Sept. 19

Best Set Cover of the Week

Ariel ozapft is femjoy.com coverThe best set cover of the week is pretty much a no brainer.  Ariel in Ozapft is is the clear choice.  It’s very simple and lively.  It’s fun.  She has great cleavage.  I’ve been writing for months now, I can’t tell whether or not she should be classified busty or not.  The pigtails are cool.  I’m not loving the angle of her face, entirely, just because it sort shows her age.

At this point in her career, we want Ariel to be ageless.  She’s still Piper Fawn as far as I’m concerned, so any sign of maturing negatively, beyond being a 20 something babe, is to be avoided by all photographers who shoot her.  The problem lies in her makeup, which is too much, and her nose that looks larger than I’ve ever seen it, too, which has something to do with her looking older.

Obviously, though, the mugs of beer are what sell this cover and corresponding set.  What better thing to bookend two perfect breasts than two mugs of frothy, dark, German beer?  A close up really would have been sufficient, but they wanted to get Ariel’s face in there for some reason.  Basically, this set and cover confirms that this is the best life has to offer, so to speak.

As for the title, I looked it up.  I’ve never been to Oktober Fest, and if you haven’t been I’m not sure how you’d get that the title is a reference to the annual German festival of beer.  O’zapft is! is the traditional cry of the incumbent mayor of Munich.  There is a gun salute and then  he says when the first keg of beer is tapped.  The literal translation is “It’s tapped” in German. Then the mayor gives the Minister-President of Bavaria the first beer.  Femjoy has been doing these Oktober Fest tributes for a couple of years.  Last year, I remember seeing Dominika in the set.

Best Butt of the Week

Milena E. premiere femjoy.com coverFemjoy definitely came on strong this week and I have to honor another set cover for best picture of the week.  This picture of Milena E. speaks for itself.  You don’t have to be a butt man to appreciate the size and shape of this model’s behind.  She looks fairly petite, so you can be sure she doesn’t have a huge ass.  For a first set, I’m guessing this one is a slam dunk.  She could be wearing nail polish for all I know. Still, her breasts look nice.  Her legs look fit.  Milena E. would be a winner if not for her name.

Milena E. definitely deserves a unique moniker considering how tight her butt is.  The competition for that name is still pretty fierce.  We have Milena Velba, who is still the queen of big breasts and MILFs.  Milena D. is a rising star on many sites, Met Art in particular.  Milena D. currently lacks a Femjoy set, so apparently, if she ever does make it on the site, she’s going to be adding a new alias to her resume.  I haven’t seen the full set of Milena E.’s premiere so I can’t compare the models per se.  For all her charms, however, I can say without equivocation that Milena D. does not have a butt that photographs as round and firm as Milena E.’s photographs.

There’s nothing wrong with a little competition between models, either.  Milena E. has a fitter behind.  She has bigger breasts.  Milena D. has wonderful nipples and shows signs of real talent modeling.  Not to mention that Milena D. has an air of innocence that cannot be imitated.  I hope to see a lot more Milena E.  This could get interesting.

Best Legs of the Week

Tatya potrait redhead young modelWith a face like this, best legs of the week, and best redhead of the week for good measure (sorry Ariel), was another easy choice, that normally would not be so easy for the majority of web surfers to locate.  Yes, another girl on Domai is taking a top spot this week in a set you probably aren’t going to see anywhere else, at least not this easily.  I’m writing about Tatya, the long, leggy, redhead, nude model.

Tatya looks like a stereotypical, young model.  There’s something awkward about her.  She’s unaware her legs are as sexy as they are and she has no idea what to do with them.  She’s too young to know that legs are sexy.  She still thinks having breasts is everything.  All she knows is that she’s pretty, has red hair and blue eyes, and she’s taller than most of the boys her age.  I’m not even sure Tatya is into boys.  Her lack of boobs makes her awkward around them, even though she’s had a boyfriend.  She’s more comfortable around her friends she’s known since childhood and who are just as awkard and pretty as she.  No, she’s not the popular girl.

Of course, she’s not as young as I’m portraying her.  She just retains the air of innocence I wrote about with regard to Milena D. in the previous post, which stirs up fancies of youth.  Tatya has a young and fresh look, untainted by the conventions of the adult industry, with which, most likely, she has nothing to do.  You have to love her nipples too.  That look goes really well with her complexion and hair color.  When Tatya does finally figure out what to do with her legs (that bit wasn’t just creative writing), or when she’s encouraged to use them to greater effect, we will witness some stunning work.  Until then, Tatya is a butterfly in a cocoon.

Tatya long legs leggy sexy redhead domai.com

Best Model of the Week

Kate R. domai.comI’m a sucker for late entry, Kate R..  What can I say?  Sure, these aren’t new pictures and the Domai webmaster put Kate on the front page merely because he had to put something from his archive on the front page.  Yes, I’m honoring Domai, twice in the same week. Maybe it’s that, unbeknown to many, Kate has a perfect camel toe that you get a clear glimpse of in this set.  To be fair, though, Kate will have to share the honor with another model, this week, one less talented than she, with less experience, but younger and more recent, and who is remarkably pretty.

First, looking at Kate R., everything I’ve written about her previously remains true.  These pictures are of her in her prime modeling years, and Maker, the photographer, really did an excellent job capturing the essence of this wild woman.  Kate uses her whole body to model and does everything, the previous model, Tatya, should do with her legs.

Kate is funny, sexy, and completely at ease in front of the camera with her clothes off.  She has a serious side as well, and conveys pensive introspection as easily as she does joyous frivolity.  The set shows us these two sides of the model’s personality, similar to what spending a day with Kate, nude on a private beach, would be like.  There are up moments and down moments; moments of tranquility and moments of youthful excitement.

I enjoyed the different perspectives and how the clouds are worked into the composition.  The light is natural and soft, a deliberate choice by the phographer.

FREJA AThe set of Freja A., Blessing, lacks emotion and range, and serves only to show off Freja A., which is good enough for me.  Freja, however, doesn’t even rank in the top 250 on Met’s top models list, which is simply amazing.  Does somebody know something about her that I don’t know besides the usual stuff like her phone number and home address?  Did she used to be a man or something?  I almost scared to say something positive about her for fear of upsetting the majority of members of Met Art who don’t find her worthy of  even a pity vote.

Naturally, we can all see that Freja is an incredibly pretty girl.  Maybe, she’s too pretty and is reminding members of all the pretty girls who have ignored them over the years?  She has puffy nipples too!  What’s not to love about this girl’s body?  The belly ring adds that extra bit of hot girl allure that makes her irresistable.  Fine, Freja is a beginner model.  Her lack of experience is painfully obvious in this set and other sets she’s done for the site, so far.  Still, taking boring pictures isn’t a crime, last I checked.  If anyone is to blame for her uninspired performance,  it’s the photographer for not getting the most out of her and encouraging her to model and pose up to the level of her beauty and attractiveness.

Instead of styling her like a girl you can find in a club every Friday night, he should have tried something other than the pink, strapless that makes her look totally common.  That’s fine, in and of itself, especially if that choice of styling is a part of the concept for the shoot, but at least make an attempt to be creative about it.  Freja literally appears to have been shot in the clothes she came in off the street in.  Using the same blue background, had the photographer given her a disco ball, and done something interesting with the lights, we would have a real winner on our hands, instead of a set called Blessing, a title that doesn’t fit the content in an obvious way.  A title like that is more fitting a white background, some sort of veil or white lack sheet, and a prop alluding to heaven, an obvious spiritual motif.