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Mayuko kick!

hegre-art.com Mayuko 'Japanese Restaurant'

I have to hand to Hegre for this set.  The model makes an amazing first impression and the pictures are killer.  Mayuko is straight out of any anime/hentai fanboy’s ultimate fantasy. She has the plaid skirt, school girl appeal.  She has small breast cleavage.  As a woman with small breasts, having cleavage is a blessing.   Naturally, what sold me was the leg kick, holding the flexible, gymnast pose, with the socks and sneakers.  Perfect!  The background is very active and colorful, and also cluttered.  The background isn’t a distraction, though, giving the pictures a feeling of motion. The one aspect which lacks is the bow tie.  Just give her a normal neck tie if necessary.  This bow tie looks more like the bow on a gift.

I’ve been criticizing the Hegre site for few months for the diversity of his models.  The big European art sites do represent a variety of ethnicities and races, more or less.  Geographic location and what sells to publishers precludes many European photographers from shooting as many different models as they might like.  Hegre seems to be making an attempt.  The only complaint, as an affiliate, would be that when you’re running a niche website for Euro teens, and Hegre content doesn’t fill that niche, you’re going to stop using what he produces, causing a reduction in affiliate traffic. It’s risky for him to do this week after week.  Hegre content really doesn’t fill the teen niche as it is.

The discrepancy isn’t about beauty or race or anything like that.  Personal preference never is.  The heart wants what it wants.  However, if you want to see latina’s with big round butts, you’re not going to buy a subscription to Met Art, is all.  What’s more, there are so many models in the world, so many different niches and desires, without a full-time staff, it is very hard to keep track of everybody.  There are big butt, hip hop models, you’ve never even heard of, doesn’t mean they’re not out there booking jobs and being published.  This is why the tube sites are divided into categories: To satisfy the many tastes of a large number of people.

Content segregation sounds more discriminatory than it is.  Truth is that you’re simply going to find hotter Japanese women and more Japanese women on Japanese niche sites, not Hegre Art.  You’ll find bigger and better Afro women on afro-centric web sites.  Hegre’s work is also very self-serving, so diversity is probably just a phase.

I am gradually building up the database of The Nude Arts and am trying to better diversify the list of models, including more American models, especially, but there are just so many.  I got involved with European content first, and went from there.  Actually, a lot of these young Euro models come from nowhere, do a few shoots, aren’t terribly memorable, and don’t achieve fame that compares with even low level Americans.  The irony is that a European can say the same thing about American models.  This is another challenge of creating and fostering a global culture and unified media consciousness.  Currently, we still automatically view the world from our own point of view.  There should be a common starting point that isn’t so provincial and narrow minded.

For instance, this set is titled Japanese Restaurant.  The subtitle is, Dining out with Mayuko is a new experience. It’s easy to forget about food all together.  The cover has Japanese characters on it.  Now, that’s odd.  In Japan, are restaurants called Japanese restaurants?  Do they eat Japanese food in Japan, or just foods?  The statement says dining with Mayuko is a “new experience”.  What is that supposed to mean, a new experience in what way?  In that you don’t usually dine with Japanese women?  That’s certainly what it seems to imply, and while that might be the case, in this dialogue, this conversation the site is having with the customer, through me, because most other sites aren’t going to include this subtitle in their promotion, the site starts from the point of view that Japanese women are strangers and Japanese food is as strange and unsual as Japanese women.

Judging by the site copy, the site hasn’t a grasp on the notion that all things are familiar now and that, as a publisher with a global reach, an effort to take into account points of view, as diverse as its roster of models, must be made.  It would be like if Avril Lavigne’s US promotions touted her as a girl who sings in English.  I use her as an example because she’s a featured artist for Sony Records, Sony being originally a Japanese electronics firm.  Obviously, she sings in English.  I can see that.  For someone in Japan, that she sings in English would be considered not normal, compared to someone who sings in Japanese.

Might not be the most perfect example, but the point is that Hegre, while attempting to diversify the reach of its web presence, has yet to grasp the notion that all things not matter how unfamiliar must be taken for granted, at least superficially.  When you don’t know, just fake it.  I mean, Japanese culture is more globally familiar than that of most of the Eastern European nations.  When was the last time you bought something made in Ukraine?  Don’t answer that.
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