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Nudes from Tumblr vol. 19

busty blonde wet tumblr.com

If that picture doesn’t get your attention, you need glasses.  This is what a Tumblr update is all about.  I’ve spent the entire week on this collection.  I feel like I haven’t missed much, either, and it’s probably the best to date.  It’s full of Mike Dowson, busty goodness.  If you can ecognize his style from his photograpy or his model selection, go to the head of the class  There are sexy legs, interesting nipples, and great behinds in this collection, as well, by Chadwick Tyler, Sergey Konstantinov, Richard Kern, and Sylvie Malfray.  Also, there’s Scarlett Johansson’s very sexy and revealing cover for the December issue of Vanity Fair.  Truth is, there’s enough good stuff in this collection to last you till New Year’s.  I will continue to collect, anyway, though, because variety is the spice of life.


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Nude Model Valentina

Valentina domai.comValentina is one of those models who really makes a memorable first impression.  I wrote about her, last year, on another blog.  She was coming to NYC for a few weeks and was looking to book modeling jobs while there. If you follow that link, you’ll find some interesting pictures of her from her personal portfolio on One Model Place.

Her body is incredibly slender.  She’s skinny, but not in the unattractive sense, meaning that she appears unhealthy or weird in some way.  She’s skinny in the sense that her figure is the kind that makes other women jealous, instantly. In addition to having the body of a fashion model, right in the middle of her chest are two, round, proportionately big, attention-grabbing breasts.

Valentina is one of the few nude models with an A cup figure and DD breasts.  Her stomach is so flat. Her hips are so trim.  Her body type defies convention. Now, she’s not Anya.  There is only one Busty Merilyn. In a way, conceptually speaking, Anya is unrealistic, too much of a freak of nature to be taken seriously as a human being who functions normally.  She’s a living caricature of what a voluptuous, big breasted woman should be.  Simply put, Anya Sakova looks like she was drawn a pervert in art school who’s obsessed with big boobs. Valentina, on the other hand, is the girl next door.  She looks like she lives down the street from you.  Valentina is your friend’s sister. As I wrote on the other site, her air is that of someone completely awkward.  She looks geeky and uncoordinated, and like she could be blown over by a strong breeze.

Her style of modeling is consistent with models whose egos don’t read in their pictures.  There is a big difference in attitude and behavior between a woman trying to be pretty and sexy and seductive and one who’s not.  Valentina is the latter.  She’s just naked. There is no motive in that.  It’s an ultimate state of being.  She doesn’t assert sexuality into the picture, her own or a representation of it.  This prompts you to project your own fantasies and desires onto her.  She doesn’t give you any cues.  What happens, intentionally or not, is that you’re looking at an extremely passive subject, which is to say, admiring Valentina makes the viewer dominate and aggressive.  I’m sure that if you, as a photographer, pushed her during a shoot, to act more assertive, what you’d get would be a comical impression of a porn star.

One of the reasons people are surprised (and disappointed in some instances), to learn that a nude model does porn is because of this genuine humility that Valentina expresses in her images.  It is one thing to admire a nude figure for the beauty of its form.  That admiration is corrupted by money and the sexual act, the very thought of it, in most cultures.  Beauty is defiled by carnal urges and avarice; its pure simplicity is destroyed by the complications of procreative instinct and possessiveness.

A model’s ego is exposed by porn.  Valentina, for example, like I wrote, doesn’t appear to be one preoccupied by thoughts of sexual superiority.  The reality is that, with her breasts, there’s no question that she isn’t ignorant of her power over men and her ability to get things done with what she has.  She’s a nude model, obviously.  This reality is not visible in her pictures, doesn’t read in her eyes, or on her face. The exchange of money for sex would be a foreign concept to her.  In porn, the mystery of a model’s desire can no longer be explored by the observer because it’s no longer a mystery. That there is a presumption of artistic aspirations and that beauty can be sexy is the appeal, for some, not all, of nude art.

There is this idea of perpetual courtship between the observer and subject which is never consummated, and is both innocent and sexual.  There is a virtual intimacy which is disrupted when the fan of a particular nude model sees her have explicit intercourse on camera with another man.  Now, in the minute-by-minute virtual world of clicking links and looking at all one can see, this betrayal, if you will, is dismissed summarily. The mind automatically files the model along with “the rest”, and goes on to seek out more things to desire. Still, a model like Valentina is nice because of the authentic way she comes off, and her reputation, to date, is that of a nude model, only.
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