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New Svanhild Pictures from Domai

svanhild domai.com big boobs

Well, obviously these can’t truly be new pictures. They look as if they were shot around the same time as the original sets from years and years ago. It is apparent that Domai has been holding out on us for a while.  I can’t tell for sure.  I only joined the site last month and have no clue as to how ol’ Eolake Stobblehouse has staggered the publication of the sets he purchased initially, or if he has recently gone back to his source of the images, which is evidently a person named Zara, and bought more.  What matters is that if these are just now being published, there is probably more Svanhild to come.

Once again, the question arises, what is sthe shelf life of nude photography, if there is such a thing.  Svanhild is most likely no longer modeling.  She didn’t show up on many sites when her pictures were first published, just the important ones.  Does this matter to some 18 year old guy how old the pictures he sees, are?  Does a model’s inactivity make a difference?  The vintage of these pictures and whether or not Svanhild is still active doesn’t matter to me. I just wonder. Continue reading

Busty Nude Model Lilya

Goodness, it’s been ages since I’ve seen this model. She was a favorite of mine, to gawk
at years back, and it was like she did a few sets and then was never heard from again.
Oddly, enough, while these images look new to me, they seem to have been taken in the
same place and time as her legendary sets.

Lilya querro.com

It’s kind of exhausting to write about a Christmas themed photo shoot in January.
I mean, we’re even passed Epiphany. I can’t help myself though. I don’t
care about the photography, just the massive sex appeal of Lilya. Some of you
will know her better as:

Svanhild of Domai.com Abbigail of Femjoy.com
Svanhild domai.com Abbigail femjoy.com
Mariya of Met-Art.com
Mariya met-art.com Well, now she’s back or maybe she never left. I think I might have to find out the
story behind these pictures and if there’s more of her. It’s an incredible find, in
my opinion. I was just clicking around and found the set Russian Snow Maiden
completely by accident. There’s really nothing to say because her breasts are so
appealing. Her face may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like exotic blondes.
The rest of her body is well-formed, no fat, but she’s not skinny. You just have
to enjoy her for her. It’s been a long time since she was a novelty. And she
appeared in so few set. Perhaps it was that scarcity that made her such a wonderous
model. And this site Querro? I’ve never heard of it before. It has a nice selection of
models and a clean layout. Might have to check it out.