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Interview with Emma Sinclaire

emma sinclaire krisjosef.com
emma sinclaire by Kris Josef

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Im 19, My name is Emma Sinclaire, Im a Capricorn, I have a 9 month old daughter. Favourite word; scallywag or jeepers.. I stopped swearing when I had my daughter.

When did you first get into doing cam shows and why?

I got into camshows when I was two months pregnant. I started getting insanely horny and I was single, so this was a win win..make money and relieve insane crazy inner urges :P

Did you think doing cam shows would lead to professional modeling?  Have you always wanted to model professionally?

No I had no idea. I actually was really upset when my content leaked everywhere. If I had known I was going to get so popular, I would have done something to make money off of it, or make my own site..something. I love being in front of the camera. I love interacting with people, so I do J I’ve been “modeling” since I was twelve..you know the agency thing your mom does just to shut you up?

Tell us about the Daktari shoot, working for nadine-j.de.  Who contacted you and when? When and where did you do the shoot?  How many sets are there?  DId you work with Daktari, and if so, what is he like?  What is his process?  As a model, what did he want from you and what did you learn working with him?  Was it an enjoyable experience?  Did they cast you because of your nipples?  How were you discovered?

Daktari contacted me when I was 6 months pregnant through MFC, just as I was about done. I didn’t believe him I thought he was a lunatic :P But then when I corresponded with him, found out it wasn’t too late, I was about due…dummy me :/  I LOVE working with him/for him. He’s a truly amazing person to work with; funny. He’s just as pessimistic as I am :P I did my first photshoot with him in both NOTL(niagra on the lake) and at a hotel in Toronto.

There are about 10 sets so far and a couple videos. I am going to see him this fall again. My family is from Germany, so I’m killing two birds with one stone :P I’m soooo excited to go there! He told me he thought my nipples were “wow.” He wanted to work with me and he did. I’m glad J I got a lot better as a model working for him that’s for sure. His process; laid back, professional, good atmosphere.  I learned camera etiquette; taking all your clothes off in 10 seconds does not make a sellable video :P

Have you had other offers?  If so, which sites and photographers can expect to see you working with?

I’ve had quite a few offers. I don’t plan on going the cam route again or do any penetration. Depending on where I stand with Daktari, I want to open my own site. I’ve started a mailing list; I’ve decided that once I reach 200 contacts, I will send out a teaser video. And go from there. My email is emma.sinclaire@ymail.com. I have a model mayhem page: http://www.modelmayhem.com/emmasinclaire

As a photographic model, what are you presenting to the world?  Give us a declaration, if you will, about what you are saying about yourself and the world, society, the internet, even sex, when you present your naked body.  If it’s all about the money, I get that.  If there’s more to it, we’d love to know, because as you know nudity is a fundamental state of nature.  It is the state of man and woman, and in a truly profound way, it’s the gateway to the underlying reality which civilization seeks to hide and control.  So what makes you so comfortable with your own nudity and sex?  Is there a story behind it?

As a photographic model, I’m presenting me. That’s it, take it or leave it :P Hopefully fans love me enough to support me in my journey. Right now I’ve got quite a following on a PLVR forum. I’m doing a lot of lactation content.. I think I might get into a tiny bit of erotica.  I have no idea right now. Some of you guys have seen me grow from a wild 18 year old into a semi mature 19 year old it seems kind of funny that its such a short time span to grow so much, but I think, for women for whom were meant to be mothers, it is not that big of a span at all.

I guess when I present my body; I’m saying this is what I have to offer. Its 100% me, I give it my all and I hope you appreciate what I’m offering J Well we might get into a heated argument about society…and the internet speaks for itself. Sex is all about confidence and pleasure and the moment and beauty..inner and outer. Sex I think is about embracing yourself and when I put myself out there the way I do, I hope other people will embrace it too. Keep coming back..

The money was always a draw but here’s my secret; I honestly love compliments, people who always are there and I love to talk period I love to have fun. That’s what makes me a natural at what I’ve done. If a model is only there for the money, it usually shows in her work; her orgasms are faked, her sentiments border boring.

Ive always been comfortable with nudity. I just have been. I’ve always been a sexual/sensual girl. I love romance. My favourite romance novel is Laura. What’s more beautiful than a woman knowing herself and being able to use that knowledge to make herself happy..even more so, what’s more exciting?

Do you get the appeal of puffy nipples and why you’re such a sensation?  Did you think you’d be as successful as you have been?

At first, they weren’t really puffy they were just above average puffy… they didn’t get like second breasts until the 6 month of my pregnancy. If I had known I was going to be this successful, I cant say, because I love my daughter, and I wouldn’t want to change her birth date.

HOWEVER;  I would have loved to have done modeling during my pregnancy early and late..now all I have is low quality cam shows to show for it :/

Are your nipples still puffy?

when my breasts are full, you can see some “puffiness”

Are puffy nipples more sensitive than regular nipples?

Before I had a baby, in part due to pregnancy, it hurt to wear a bra…

What’s the first thing a guy says when he see’s them?

Before? Pre pregnancy, only one guy saw them…he was an ass man :P

On a man does size matter?

Umm no.. my favourite size is that blue dolphin you see in my vids… too bad the machine died :/

Most interesting place you’ve had sex?

Field of a baseball diamond …I’m kinda vocal, so that limited quite a bit

Will you ever do hardcore?

No.. those pussies look BEAT! Plus…I am a huge fan of intimacy..the kissing is what turns me on that first inhale of intence desire is the moment that makes me WET.. I don’t think porn stars get that as part of their agreement. Oh yea… I don’t like big.. pain isn’t enjoyable to me

Are you still doing cam shows and if so where and when can we see you doing them?

No I am not. I was thinking about it, but no. If I ever have my own site, I might do some streaming live.

Will you be on any other sites?

Right now, I’m just on Daktaris site; www.nadine-j.de I really like working for him. I might start doing something on my own, but that depends on the response I get.

Is there a site, sexyjobs, modelmayhem, omp, or whatever where photographers can book you?

http://www.modelmayhem.com/emmasinclaire  my modelmayhem page