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Kimbra Lo and Irene Morales American Apparel accusers

Over the weekend or whenever pics of the models in the middle of this American Apparel surfaced and ended up on blogspot blogs devoted entirely to them.

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Kimbra Lo is the Asian hybrid, Irene Morales is the swarthy, I don’t know, Mexican? Either way, they certainly aren’t afraid the take it all off. We here can respect that, without a doubt. As for their accusations, that’s another story altogether. The pictures of Kimbra in bed are supposedly by Dov Charney himself, so it really doesn’t look like she’s being harassed in the sense we all understand.

The pictures of Irene were actually sent to Dov. What we have here is a classic rape situation where as outsiders, the public at large is supposed to accept the images as proof that both women are of loose morals and we’re supposed to think to ourselves, well, what was Charney supposed to think? Truth is, no matter what occurred before the incident, if there was one, no means no, so to speak. It doesn’t matter how many times you have sex with a person or whatever, as is the case with domestic battery, the moment you assault someone, prior history really means nothing.

As for the appeal of both girls, I don’t know again. I think Kimbra is kind of the fashionable choice, but there’s probably little doubt Irene has more sex appeal and would be better in bed. Psychologically, the profile of someone like Kimbra just doesn’t equate to hot sex, necessarily. I would just assume Irene is hotter because her body is better. Charney, you have to see him for yourself. He probably won’t be rocking out with his cock out anytime soon, if you take my meaning.

Call me a cynic but seeing Kimbra kind of makes me think the whole thing is for publicity. Not to lessen the importance or weight of the accusations of the girls. But you look at her and you’d assume she’d be all over some dude like Charney, especially considering he’s Mr. Big Shot CEO. Compared to the girl Zuckerberg dates Kimbra’s a goddess. She just looks like that type. Also, I’m not reading anything about criminal charges. For sure, if this was as serious as maybe some people would like to believe it is, i.e. rape or a real assault, the accusations would be enough for him to be arrested, no?

I will say this though, if it is made up controversy to bring attention to American Apparel, they’ve done it the right way because we have lots of T and A to pour over and ponder. I was watching this thing on MSNBC last night about Charlie Sheen. Toward the end, the show asks how long can this fascination with the man go on. I think the quote from the movie True Romance sums it up pretty well: “Now I know I’m pretty, but I ain’t as pretty as a couple of titties.”

Charlie Sheen, as cool as he is, and as crazy as he seems, is not more interesting than a nice set of breasts. I think his saga could use an infusion of T and A similar to this little head scratcher. Bree Olsen we all know already so that doesn’t count. My thought is that Sheen should just become a porn star. That could keep him famous till his early 60′s. Except, you kind of get the impression there’s a line he won’t cross which for me diminishes the authenticity of his bravado, slightly. It’s more about appearances and sales, which is just as well, because, really the world doesn’t need any Charlie Sheen porn. Supply and demand, who knows?

Click read more for the complete collection of Kimbra Lo and Irene Morales pictures.  If your a fan of The Nude Arts site, you’re probably wondering where the pictures of Tesa Lubens-Dehaven are, as she may appeal to you more.  Well, it doesn’t look like Alyssa Ferguson, whoever that is, who claims to be friends with Kimbra and Irene, is friends enough with Tesa to have a stockpile of nude pictures of Tesa to make public to discredit the girls involved with the American Apparel lawsuit, and whatever.  Again, check out all the pics by clicking read more.