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Nudes from Tumblr vol. 19

busty blonde wet tumblr.com

If that picture doesn’t get your attention, you need glasses.  This is what a Tumblr update is all about.  I’ve spent the entire week on this collection.  I feel like I haven’t missed much, either, and it’s probably the best to date.  It’s full of Mike Dowson, busty goodness.  If you can ecognize his style from his photograpy or his model selection, go to the head of the class  There are sexy legs, interesting nipples, and great behinds in this collection, as well, by Chadwick Tyler, Sergey Konstantinov, Richard Kern, and Sylvie Malfray.  Also, there’s Scarlett Johansson’s very sexy and revealing cover for the December issue of Vanity Fair.  Truth is, there’s enough good stuff in this collection to last you till New Year’s.  I will continue to collect, anyway, though, because variety is the spice of life.


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