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Kate Bona silk nightgown

Black silk nightie and garters Kate Bona

new busty.pl updates

Total class act Kate Bona was. I think she went topless a few times, but some women can be more appealing with their clothes on than some can be completely naked. There is just an air of sophistication she has that’s not dependent on what she’s wearing. Still, the black, shiny material, silk, or whatever it is she’s wearing adds the chic appeal to an already elegant woman.

Jana Defi Video

This is the Jana Defi dreams are made of. Thanks to Eddi for leaving
a comment. Others should feel free to join and add your two cents
to the blog. Anyway, he agrees with me that the best of Jana is found
on the busty.pl site.
Busty.pl has been my dream site for a long time.
I figure, if you can get together four girls with awesome breasts,
Aneta Buena, Ines Cudna, Bea Flora, and Ewa Sonnet, you have an instant
hit site.
It seems that the site is offline now. I don’t know if it’s
a technical glitch or it’s been retired. I did a Google search and it
doesn’t even come up number one. I don’t see why they would retire such
an awesome site when its successor sites boobs.pl boobsgarden.com are
still going strong. Let’s hope the legend continues, because there
were some really great videos on that site.

As I was saying, Jana wasn’t an official busty.pl girl, like the four
I mentioned. She was in the second tier of stars which include Joana,
Kate Bona, and in recents years Nelli Roono. Still, Jana did these
memorable walking videos which were complete teases, but definitely
demonstrate the real Jana as opposed to the glam doll of pinupfiles.com.
And I’m not just knocking the site for no reason. There are some great
videos of her on the site. My main gripe is with the photography.
The thing is though, it’s so much easier to relate to a woman like Jana
in a video when it’s shot like the ones on busty.pl. It lacks the
pretentiousness of a professional studio set up, lights, wardrobe, makeup artists,
photographers and assistants, videographers, and managers. It’s just
a girl with big breasts playing around, being recorded like one would
his girlfriend.

I understand there is a place for the pompous photo shoot, and it creates
a distance between the model and the fan. But when you just want to enjoy a girl,
amateur is the way to go. Let’s face it, Jana has the face of a librarian, but
that’s what makes her special. That you could meet her, by accident, tucked
away somewhere, breasts covered bulky clothes, and some how, some way, you get to be
alone with her, and she opens up, and next thing you know, you’re looking
at two of the most fantastic breasts in the world. I mean, in this day
in age, the spectacle of sex is less intriguing than imitating the reality
of sex, because in the end, the imitation becomes the art, inimitable.
One Jana Defi like this is worth the whole collection of her on pinupfiles.
And Eddi may have a point about her retiring too soon, and his experience
of being a member of her site is rather discouraging. Still, I would definitely
get behind an organized shoot of Jana if possible. The question is when
and where.

Jana Defi topless

If Busty.pl is ever up again, this link ought to take you to it.