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Big breasts for better or worse

This is the perfect example (sort of), of what I wrote about Aglaya, a few days ago. This picture illustrates how the beauty industry changes girls.

Tarra White before and after breast implants pictures

You may know her better as Tarra White, hardcore porn star.  She was once little Chrissy, just another little, nude model wannabe posing for Club Seventeen. I can’t speak about her with any degree of authority, but you know the saying about how many words a picture speaks.  I can only speculate about her motivation for getting implants. You can’t assume the decision was hers alone. Producers and other interested parties use breast augmentation as an incentive and as ingratiation to young women all the time, whether they’re models or not.

At the same time, women, whether they have low self esteem or just want to have bigger breasts, increase their bustline because it’s what they believe will make them look better and by extension make them feel better. If I had to bet, I would say Tarra is in the latter group, just because I think she looked before she got implants. In fact, I think she looks better without them, although the doctor did a great job and I think she makes a great busty porn star. There is so much more content of her with implants than without, again, you can only speculate about what her success would have been like had she not gotten her breasts done. Frankly, a lot of models will tell you that big breasts mean a lot more jobs and attention.

Having big breasts prolongs careers.  Breasts are characteristic and emblematic of femininity from puberty to middle age. For models who are booked primarily for youthful aspects and small bodies, once they grow up, in a manner of speaking, their career is over. You can be 45 years old with fantastic looking breasts and get attention from boys and men of any age. I just know, new fans are wondering what Tarra White looked like before she got implants.
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