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Three New Sets of Cikita

So I couldn’t resist these pictures of Marketa Pechova, aka Cikita after writing about
her yesterday. I felt compelled mainly because they are on sites I don’t often write
about, and they are better quality sets compared to Young Busty. So, we have
three full sets of her from:

Torrid Art Twisty’s The Life Erotic
Marketa Pechova pink heels torridart.com black stockings blonde Chiquita it doesn't get better than this twistys.com Chikita 'Spa' buxom blonde model thelifeerotic.com

I can’t really get Twisty’s updates regularly because I never joined their program, for
stupid reasons, admittedly, but still, I saw these pictures this morning, and joined
the other two programs, no problem. Twisty’s requires an approval process, and it’s like
why are you trying so hard to keep webmasters away from your promotional material when you
don’t even do a good job keeping pirates away from stealing your material. Thing is though,
the program is so large and successful, the owner, who is a member of a forum I am also a
member of, is so busy patting himself on the back and counting his money, instead of protecting
his material, his mindset is “Well, I can’t complain.”

It’s the same reason people turn their head away from atrocities. Large program such as his should
be more dilligent when it comes to illegal file sharing. But that’s what you would expect
from a hack site, meaning the only thing he’s concerned with is pumping out content: the school
of thought which says the quality of the equipment determines the quality of the set. Compare
the three sites, and you’ll immediately notice that The Life Erotic, while
it’s only the work of one man, is infinitely superior in quality to Twisty’s, and
you’ve probably never even heard of it. I wish she’d work with photographers like Walter Bosque
more often than not. The majority of her on the Net though is glamour style.

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Nude Model Cikita pictures and video

The funny thing about Cikita, that many people might not know about her is that not
only does she make erotic videos, but she has a great screen presence in them. I only
mention this because she comes devilshly close in this set to doing something erotic.
It’s not something you see every day. I think it’s because she does’t truly fit
the teen model mold when it comes to casting, so she doesn’t end up on the sites
which feature this kind of content, to the extreme, like Sapphic Errotica and Nubiles.
There are dozens of brands which offer these sorts of videos, mainly in the teen
genre, but those two stand out to me as being particularly well-known.

Of course Young Busty under the Club Seventeen family of brands is not nude art,
and it leans toward the more explicit shoots. I just ask, where are the Cikita videos?
Clearly she’s nearly willing. There’s just something about her, her body, her freckles.
I don’t know about the fake eyelashes, but she has an undeniable, understated sex
appeal and bestial sexuality. Her eyes really lack vibrancy, I mean, she appears
quite souless at times, which only makes her sexuality that much more intriguing and

Cikita youngbusty.com busty freckles model

Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I assume she’s in NYC, right now. I’m not sure,
but she’ll probably start shooting tomorrow or something. Here I am, perfectly
willing to shoot her, instead talking about her because I didn’t have the guts to
put together a shoot. She seems like a pretty open person. And for the record, just
watch how very sexy she can be on video. Her co-star Dorothy Black is no slouch

Cikita doing erotic video with busty Dorothy Black

Cikita means business

According to an email I received a couple of days ago, Cikita will be in
the New York are from January 16 to January 21, and available to for shooting.
I am a big admirer of hers along with a lot of other people. Since that’s
my neck of the woods, naturally, it’s crossed my mind to contact her
or her booking and see if she’d shoot with me. Two things prevent me
from doing that. First, I’m not entirely sure I am ready. Marketa Pechova,
a.k.a Cikita, is a professional model in every sense. Her resume includes
Hustler, Playboy, Penthouse. And she’s appeared on just about every website,
and the ones she isn’t on she’ll be on soon.

I am an amateur photographer. I know how to run a website, more or less,
but I feel if I were to shoot her at my current skill level, the whole
encounter would just be unimpressive, and beneath her expectations.

Second, of the reasons not to contact her, is that I tried to contact
Eufrat a few months back when she said she was coming to NY, and I never
got a response. It could be that she never made the trip and was gauging
the market for her services, and when it didn’t seem like she’d book
enough paying jobs to cover the expense of the trip, she canceled her plans.
The thing is, when you get no response, it’s rather discouraging, especially
when you send a message that shows admiration and a desire for a model to
appear on your site. It’s not personal, but still I feel like I’ve wasted
my breath.

An interesting observation is that despite Cikita’s success, I could still
book her if I really tried. To me, that says even if a nude model appears
in world famous publications, it’s does not preclude her from continuing
to look for work and book jobs. Cikita is very well-known and does not
command the attention or salary of say Adriana Lima. In a way this aspect
of nude modeling bothers me. Why shouldn’t beautiful nude models be as rich
and famous as their fashion counterparts?

After thinking about it, I realized what it is that keeps fashion models,
fashion photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and all the toadies of the
fashion industry swimming in money: retail sales. Fashion models are but one
cog in what is an industry, that stretches from the streets of Paris
and Milan to the sweatshops of South East Asia. Successful designers and high
end fashion brands are the overlords of little industrial fiefdoms, and models
benefit from what could be described as economic spillover. The only segment
of the industry that has any bargaining power is the magazines powered by their
advertising sales, and again the retail sales of their respective publications.
Fashion models cash in here as well.

There is no industry supporting nude model, unless you consider member site
sales the equivalent to magazine sales. Which they are, for all intents and purposes,
but, and I know this from experience, nothing would benefit the business
of online nude art publications more than advertising. I mean true mainstream
advertising. Which is not to say the big sites like Met Art aren’t hugely profitable.
I just know that the overall business model’s profits would be dramatically
increased by luxury brand sponsorship. Why do I say luxury brand? Well,
the post about Jimon Magazine from a few days back should explain. The
real crux of the debate in my opinion is the pudenda: to show or not to show.

Back to Cikita:
Cikita youngbusty.com
Who knows who actually took these pics. I would bet it wasn’t anyone from
the website. YoungBusty.com is one of those outfits that is hard to keep up
with as it’s been around forever. I don’t like the styling- her hair needs no
crimping. Other than that, what more do you want? Some of the best glam
shots of the year were of Cikita.
Cikita black dress
She’s wearing a little foundation, you can tell because her freckles are
invisible, but, that’s okay. I don’t know why photographers don’t accentuate
her freckles. Like her inverted nipple, they make her unique and playful. They
look great in the other set, but I guess this one called for a more mature, elegant
look, and perhaps freckles don’t mesh with that. Her body is just ridiculous
in these images.
The styling is perfect, from the dress to the heels. She’s
the very definition of a trophy.

Just picture yourself showing up somewhere with her on your arm, in this black dress,
(her in the dress, not you). These also appear to be outsourced
by the site. The furniture on set looks like its belongs somewhere the photographer
Erro would shoot. I don’t know. I know that’s a disputable claim, it being
the best glam shot of 2010, and someone can cart out something editorial
shot on on a camera worth $30K. That’s well an good, but I’d have to see
it. To me, the subject is more important than the equipment on which
she is capture. Everybody loves Cikita, so the model of this phantom
glam shoot would have to contend with that.

If you’re a photographer and think you’re ready to take on Cikita,
then check out her personal site and get in touch with her. One
of these days, maybe… http://www.chikita.cz/