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Aurelia on Domai

Aurelia domai.comA few weeks ago we got a comment extolling the virtues of Aurelia as a nude model.  You can see the post here.  Of course, I wasn’t sure which one of the two beauties she was.   I actually had to investigate, for obvious reasons, they’re both extremely sexy.  The other girl is Michelle F. aka Midge on Domai.  For the record, who would name their daughter Midge, let alone call her Midge on a nude art site? Midge is a 65 year old waitress who works in a diner off a highway in Arkansas.  Midge is not an extremely sexy, tan, nude model from Europe.

Niether Aurelia nor Michelle has much going for them on Met Art.  Domai on the other hand has a few really quality sets of them both, but not together, which is one advantage of Met Art sets over Domai: Domai has no sets with multiple models.  If these two models are in a location or situation when they can be booked together, book them together.  They go together like peanut butter and jelly.  In this case we’re stuck with only Aurelia which is hardly a bad thing.

Besides having a perfect body, perfect curves, breasts size, hair, pretty face, and sexy legs, Aurelia has an awesome smile.  I’m not a fan of smiles in nude art photography.  It’s more appropriate in Playboy style and nude glamour photography.  I would actually classify these pictures as more glamour anyway since she’s totally looking into the lens in every shot.  However, seeing that she’s completely nude and the background of hills and mountains is rather stunning, this set does qualify as nude art.  If she were in a studio in stockings and lace, no.
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