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Nude Model Aneli on Domai

Aneli Domai.com

I found these pictures in an email this morning, re-tagged with the url of a site which tries to rebrand every image visitors upload. These pictures are of one of my all-time favorite models who hasn’t been active for a while and is retired, most likely. Of the scant material of Aneli floating around these days, that which remains, this is the most artistic. I wrote a little about a video of Aneli I found a couple of weeks ago. Aneli is in 3 movies on Met Art. Where this movie comes from, I’m not sure, possibly from Domai, the great repository of unseen art nude , where these pictures come from.

I suspect that they were originally on Slastyonoff.com, which, as far as I know, has been offline  for years now. Slastyonoff is definitely still a very active photographer, from what I’ve gathered, so I’m not sure why his eponymous site has been down forever. Being a huge contributor to Met Art might have something to do with it. In my opinion, his work with Aneli and Narkiss can be considered amongst the best nude art to have been published on the popular nude sites, Met Art in particular, and represents the dichotimy of nude art as art that is meant to arouse and inspire; how the female body is both profane and divine.

The Aneli collection is highly erotic and the Narkiss collection is highly artistic and subject focused. Every image of Aneli is sexually charged. Seeing her in motion on video confirms that she is a very sexual model and her strength as a model comes from her tapping into her sexuality. Ironically, none of the videos of her in circulation are erotic in the sense that she masturbates and plays with toys, which really says something about her sex appeal.

Her breasts are big, natural, and fantastic. Aneli is well-formed in general, legs, backside, etc.. Her face is very exotic.  Her features of point to East European/Russian descent, and also the Eurasian steppe. She could be from anywhere in the world.  Unfortunately, you can’t see her face, very well, in these pictures. The images aren’t about her face, though. She’s practically in silhouette in most of them.  Aneli is unaware of our presence, unaware that she’s being watched. She gazes out the window, concerned with being seen and indulging in her exhibitionist desires. She doesn’t want to be seen and she wants to be seen.

The intensity of the light shining through the window imbues the otherwise unlit room with early afternoon, fresh air that’s not too hot and not to cold. The wash bowl is timeless.  She is a woman from our time or from centuries past.  Light washes over her body as she lightly washes her body.  Aneli is looking for someone.  She’s thinking about someone.  She thinks she might go out, later though.  For the time being, she washes herself.
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Aneli swimming video

Aneli A. video

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Not entirely sure of the source of this video. I suspect it is from the SLASTYONOFF website, which has been done since I can remember. I suspect this is the source because I’ve seen pictures of Aneli, one of my all-time favorites, which do not appear on Met Art, and he is the only photographer she worked with from what I know about her, which is very little. Still, what little of her remains can be found on Met Art.