Koika puffy nipples vs. cam girl puffy nipples

Gina aka alias Koika Teen Dreams bathroom videoPuffy nipples cam girl has her friend suck her nipples

It’s pretty fitting this new puffy nipple cam girl video appears the same day I find a rather rare Teen Dreams Koika video. There aren’t may videos of Koika around, especially of her in her absolute prime. There are some. There’s a really good one I collected a few years ago of her in a bathroom rubbing herself. That, plus the Met Art Videos, this video, and then the video of her masturbating in a bedroom are all I know about. She has her own web site, too. So there must be some gems there. Problem is, I don’t remember the alias they used to create the site. I suppose I could check Peachy Forum or Freeones, but I like to find out things on my own. It feels like cheating the other way.

Your task, should you choose to accept, is to decide who has the best puffy nipples of the two. I have to admit, this new girl, the phenomenon, this sensation, such as she is, has really puffy nipples. Her breasts are practically deformed. They haven’t looked this weird in any of the previous web cam recordings which have circulated. This one is of great interests because she’s introducing a friend/playmate into the action to suck on her puffy nipples. I didn’t see this coming, although I’m not entirely surprised. If you’ve seen any of her videos out there, you know that there are a few which have, who you have to assume are roommates of hers milling around and passing by in the background. The remarkable thing is that she’s totally comfortable with their intrusion. The roommates just walk by like nothing erotic is going on, carrying laundry and going about their day, minding their own business. She must have recruited one of the aforementioned roommates or a girlfriend to join her in her little online escapades.

Honesty, just on sheer deformity and weirdness, the cam girl wins. She cannot be stopped. Even Rubie, the nude model I wrote about months ago, is really not in this girl’s league. Koika, as classic as she is, does not possess puffies to not match up to these monstrosities. However, that’s not really the point. Is puffy nipples cam girl too weird? When she takes out the reigning champions of raised areolas on the Internet, has she gone too far. Koika has delicious puffy nipples, and they aren’t totally weird. She has other great attributes as well, including a very exotic, pretty face, and a heart-shaped behind. Basically, the question is can nipples be too puffy?  Click read more to watch the videos.

Friend sucks on puffy nipple amateur webcam girl
Gina plays in the shower with her puffy nipples

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  1. Hey I was looking for videos of this cam girl, many thanks for your help. Too bad the licking video is too short. Do you know if a longer video exists? I’d love to see a girls licking the other girl’s puffy nipples.

    Unfortunately there aren’t many Koika videos either. Do you know if she ever did a “fuck” scene, or a lesbian movie. It should be heaven to see a hot chick licking koika’s sweet nipples. Please feel free to write me an e-mail if you have any of my requests.

    Thanks again!

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