Nude Model Elizabeth Marxs with videos

Got a comment today from Laura on Total Super Cuties. I know a lot of you have been looking for her, for good reason. I wrote about her a few weeks back as she did a shoot for a site I wouldn’t normally expect to be impressed by, but Laura couldn’t be ignored. Well, as it turns out her real name is Elizabeth Marxs. After a quick search on Google, it turns out she’s even hotter than I thought and books jobs in the Houston area.

Well, according to her, the images of her we’ve enjoyed so much are in her opinion total smut and actually the work of a scammer she has to sue because he didn’t have her permission to sell the images. I was under
the impression she worked with the owner of Total Super Cuties, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. This would explain why the images are so unique for the site, because as soon as I saw them I recognized that they were not the typical teen images the site is known for. I still like the images, but I checked out her Model Mayhem page and see she’s done much better. Now, if I can only get her to shoot for Art Nude Angels, how awesome would that be? Elizabeth, if you’re reading this, don’t worry, not all photographers are scammers. If you work with us, we’ll definitely treat you right, and of course make it clear we want to publish your pictures.

Here are a few of her most awesome videos from GEA Images. I’ll have to do some research on these guys as they demonstrate some major talent for creating videos, and hiring hot models like Liz. I mean, come on, this is one smoking hot American girl with glorious breasts and amazing curves.

Elizabeth Marxs busty model from Houston texas cleavage laura total super cuties

Elizabeth Marxs Video GEA Images

Elizabeth in the hotel from GEA Images on Vimeo.

elizabeth from GEA Images on Vimeo.

For what it’s worth the other pictures of her by the photographer in question really weren’t worth comment.

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