Nude Model Ksenya

Just so it doesn’t seem like Met Art is unfairly criticized, I have to write about
this set since for once they have shot a model better than she appears on another
site. I know, it’s a rare occurrence, but even the sun shines on a dog’s… and
so on and so forth.

It starts with an up and coming model as it should, and Ksenya, as she’s
called on the site keeps coming up, so to speak, on Met and a lot of sites. I think
it’s safe to say now, judging her exposure in the closing months of last year, and showing
up immediately this year in site updates, Ksenya is booking a lot of work with
different photographers. We’ll get to the Met set, work up to it.

First, on Club Seventeen, she’s known as Nathalie. The first thing I notice about the
set besides it not being a typical Club Seventeen shoot, as the site outsources its
material probably more than any other site, is the knockout background. I wrote
about it earlier this month. You’ll notice in this set, however, the technique
is not strictly observed in this shoot. There are images in the set that show signs
of a gray gradient in the right corner. I kind of wonder how the photographer
managed to do that and if it was on purpose, done on set with the lights, or on a
computer with photoshop.

Could her jeans be any tighter or skinnier? That’s a very sexy aspect of the set,
which is very simple, otherwise. She reads as rather insecure. She poses as if
she doesn’t know what she’s doing, till she fully naked.


The difference in her posture is very noticeable. That adds depth to the shoot
overall. I wrote about it yesterday. I doesn’t matter who you are shooting for or
who you are shooting: tell a story. Start with a concept and see it to conclusion.
Go somewhere with your model. Take the viewer somewhere, even if it’s just a look.
There’s not much to this story, but we can see a girl go from unsure, to very sure
and inviting, insecurity to self-confidence is a very powerful theme. I think curling
her hair was a mistake, as we’ll see she looks much better with her hair straight.

On Jan Nudes, she’s called Lena G. Her hair is straight and that makes her look more
natural, and longer. Her medium length blonde strands for me adds a more appealing
texture to her appearance. Also, the natural lighting is much better for her
complexion than the studio set up of the previous gallery. What I don’t understand
is the choice of the photographer to shoot her where he did. I appreciate the fact
that he didn’t take her to some lake and dunk her under water. I like the surrounding
wood. I don’t understand why he stand her on a fallen tree trunk, directly behind
a obtrusive branch.

Lena G.

Jan is a competent photographer and his site shows an understanding of what works
and what appeals to admirers of nude art. So, this choice is a head scratcher.
You can tell by her poses she doesn’t quite understand what he’s looking for and where
to go with it. We end up with boring hands behind her head elbow poses which
are totally nude modeling 101, in a manner of speaking. These are clearly
the first images of a larger shoot, and judging by the cover…
Lena G. cover she’s not entirely
static, throughout. However, judging by the cover, Jan continues to shoot her
obstructed by the branches of the surrounding thicket. Shooting a few images like
this is one thing; an entire shoot is another.

Finally, we come to the Met set of Ksenya. Futura, is a fitting title
and concept that is seen throughout the images, collectively. The best characteristics
of the two previous sets are combined in this shoot, starting with the styling.
The makeup is light; her hair is straight. The makeup in this case actually works
contrary to what I usually see as it makes her look younger; less mature
than she appears in Jan Nudes set, but not as ineffectual as in the Club Seventeen
set. It does change her aspect, but not in an artificial, photoshopped way.



Regarding the lighting, we get a warm, orange glow, similar to sunlight and produced
in a studio. The feel is that of an indoor sunset on one side and a white
fill on the other.


The range of poses is wider and they are seductive and alluring and aesthetic at the same time.
Off all the sets, she looks the most at ease and comfortable in these. Her figure is leggy.
Her breasts appear fuller. The set is simple but well-thought. The couch is a perfect prop;
I don’t really like the blue sheer scarf, though. It’s out of place and is incongruous with
the shoot’s color palette.

So, obviously, this model is out there. She doesn’t have the same name on every
site, which is an issue she should rectify if she’s serious about making a name.
Showing up in three site updates in a week means 2011 could be a breakout year for
her:  Ksenya on Met is Lena G. on is Nathalie on Club Seventeen.

4 thoughts on “Nude Model Ksenya”

  1. Just a quick update, this model is also known as Xandra D. on and Tara on I can’t believe I forgot her on these sites, as they were where I first noticed her. I guess I was just taken by her appearance on Jan Nudes so much, I forgot. So, this lends even more credence to the assertion she is really booking a lot of jobs and will be seen a lot this year, most likely.

    I guess it’s possible she could just disappear, but if she’s making money and is in demand, that’s unlikely.

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