Nude fitness models

I figured out what to say about Veronica, yesterday. Now, I have to figure out what
to say about Carina. She’s practically grown up nude in front of a camera lens.
She’s received some great exposure, so I started dismissing her when I saw her
because she’s the kind of model you just see so much, it’s like, okay, more of the
same. These pictures from the new Met Art update made me stop and take notice.
I don’t know when it happened but at some point in time she developed one of the
great rears in the business. I can’t compare her to Veronica because Veronica’s
pictures are not as explicit as these. Pudenda makes a huge difference. Carina
is bent over in these pictures and being able to see her genitalia makes them better
pictures automatically, just from a visceral perspective.
Carina from behind

This is a seriously nice butt, yet, you can’t consider her a butt model. She has
great legs and a great face as well, but her toned tush has emerged as her most
appealing aspect, and it was rightfully exploited and featured by the photographer
Luca Helios for the shoot. The lighting is a bit flat and the images are dull as
a result. However, the the shots are composed nicely, are centered, and in focus
for the most part. This set is about sex as much as it is about Carina. The close
up shots are very intimate and inviting. Carina presents herself with a smile.
I have to imagine she works for her figure, too. I don’t know what she needs to
do to stay the size she is, but it shows in the muscle definition in her back and
in her midsection. It’s nothing over-the-top, just beautiful feminine fitness.
That can be a fine line for some women, becoming too fit.

The model Susanna Spears who has modeled for pretty much every website out there,
has in recent years, reinvented herself into a kind of fitness guru. Now, there
is nothing wrong with a woman who stays in shape. Some guys love She-Hulks,
but for others, a woman can go to far. This is not even an issue with Carina. Can
the same thing be said for Susanna? I don’t think so, but check out one of her videos.

Susana Spears Fitness video

Now, ask yourself, is there a marked improvement from what she was?
Susana Spears thumbnail
Susana Spears thumbnail Susana Spears thumbnail Susana Spears thumbnail
Susana Spears thumbnail Susana Spears thumbnail Susana Spears thumbnail
Susana Spears thumbnail Susana Spears thumbnail Susana Spears thumbnail
Susana Spears thumbnail Susana Spears thumbnail Susana Spears thumbnail
Susana Spears thumbnail Susana Spears thumbnail Susana Spears thumbnail

She was fine the way she was. She was softer, but was she sexier? That depends on
your preference, I suppose. The point is though that she was very sexy before
she took up fitness. The main difference I see in her and a lot of women who
are committed to exercise regiments is the muscle definition in their
arms and shoulders. Lifting weights is a sure way for a woman to begin to cut
the figure of a small man. Her videos focus on cardio training and aerobics, mainly,
but you can tell she lifts too. This issue of self-improvement vs. self-destruction,
and when and how people go to far, is really always a topic of discussion,
but the weight of its reality isn’t as profound until you deal with it in your
real life. Clothing is one of those things that makes humans what they are.
Even remote indigenous tribes covered themselves to some extent. In civilized
cultures clothing is an obsession, yet it’s being nude that the human mind
is preoccupied with, consciously or subconsciously.

Like I said, Carina is really in no danger. Her toned midsection and back look great.
If I were her though, or a woman in general, I would not start lifting weights.
I don’t know if this was an artistic decision or not, but the choice of location
for me worked very well. Her body and complexion stand out against white stucco
walls and kind of mirror the earthy, clay tones of the floor. The splash of green
in the background of some of the images enhanced the palette more with a little yellow
as well. She blends into the Spanish Mesa setting perfectly. The pedestal
adds a nice touch of the exotic, which is what she is essentially.

998 thoughts on “Nude fitness models”

  1. There is more to life than looking a particular type if aesthetic. Lifting weights improves all sorts of health parameters including mitochondrial function and the prevention of sarcopenia and osteoporosis, both of which are much more prevalent in women. Taking steroids and looking like a man is going too far, having a normal amount of muscle built up and a decent amount of leaness is not.

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